A real-life casual game developed in Processing and Arduino, with a Wii Nunchuk, two flashlights and some LEDs.

nsimaria @ 02:19

Qua, 12/10/11

We’ve got the news recently that we’ll showcasing Blacklight at Future Places as well as at our university’s open week, so we decided to redo a lot of things. We’re building a new screen and improving a lot of stuff in the game itself. Overall, I think it’ll be a totally new experience, with incremented awesomeness. There isn’t much time but fortunately our friend Dinis has decided to give us a hand.

So, hopefully there will be a lot of activity in our SVN server. If you want to literally check it out at https://code.ua.pt/svn/blacklight/ (user ‘guest’, no password), go ahead or visit https://code.ua.pt/projects/blacklight/repository for a quick overview of what's going on. We’ll also post pics and videos when we start assembling the new screen.

Stay tuned!