A real-life casual game developed in Processing and Arduino, with a Wii Nunchuk, two flashlights and some LEDs.

nsimaria @ 23:12

Seg, 24/10/11

As you know, Blacklight was recently showcased at Future Places. The event took place in Maus Hábitos, Porto, and gathered projects from different universities.


We'd like to thank the Future Places organization, specially to Professors Heitor Alvelos and Pedro Branco, as well as Joana Lima, for the invitation, and to the Maus Hábitos crowd (Daniel, Paula, Daniel e Capucho) for the great support, help, and hosting of the event.


We leave you some pictures and a video from the event. If you want to check out the whole collection click here and here.




Hope to see you all soon!

nsimaria @ 02:42

Sex, 21/10/11

Finally we have everything up and running. Changing the system to Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot made us change almost all libraries we were using. We had to switch JMyron with GSCapture and Ess with Minim. We also had to change around some sun and openjdk files, and finally, Blacklight is bugs free (hopefully). The SVN has already been updated. Blacklight - Future Places Edition v.1.0 is revision 18 from the trunk if you want to check it out. 

See you tomorrow!

nsimaria @ 21:23

Qui, 20/10/11

The Future Places exhibit opens tomorrow at Maus Hábitos, Porto. Here are some pictures of the setting up:


Some of the welding being done...


The screen, which fitted perfectly! :)


Testing the projector...

Major crashes with Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot.

Hopefully it'll turn out ok. :)


Tryin' it out...


Tomorrow there'll be some finishing up, and the event will start at 3PM. We hope to see you there!

nsimaria @ 02:19

Qua, 12/10/11

We’ve got the news recently that we’ll showcasing Blacklight at Future Places as well as at our university’s open week, so we decided to redo a lot of things. We’re building a new screen and improving a lot of stuff in the game itself. Overall, I think it’ll be a totally new experience, with incremented awesomeness. There isn’t much time but fortunately our friend Dinis has decided to give us a hand.

So, hopefully there will be a lot of activity in our SVN server. If you want to literally check it out at https://code.ua.pt/svn/blacklight/ (user ‘guest’, no password), go ahead or visit https://code.ua.pt/projects/blacklight/repository for a quick overview of what's going on. We’ll also post pics and videos when we start assembling the new screen.

Stay tuned!