A real-life casual game developed in Processing and Arduino, with a Wii Nunchuk, two flashlights and some LEDs.

jcuenin @ 18:18

Sex, 11/03/11

Here is the first maquete of the project, you can see the main idea with both sides. 

We will use two nunchucks connected to an arduino chip linked with a computer who will display the game on a projector. The other side will use a webcam also connected to the computer and the players will interact with the game using flashlights.


You can also see the scale of the maquete with daniela.

daniela maqueta


one side (dark side) for the team playing with the nunchucks trying to make the middle screen darker 


dark side


and the other side (bright side) for the team playing with the flashlights to make the screen brighter.

light side


See you soon for more news about the project!